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Kitsap Public Health District
Washington , United States
24 days ago
Kitsap Public Health District
Washington , United States
24 days ago
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October 24, 2022 - October 26, 2022


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Public Health Nurse-Community Outreach

SALARY: $5,256.00 - $7,395.00 Monthly
OPENING DATE: 07/20/22
CLOSING DATE: 08/07/22 11:59 PM
Nurse Family Partnership - Community Outreach

The Nurse Family Partnership Community Outreach Public Health Nurse provides comprehensive nursing services to pregnant and parenting individuals and their families eligible for participation in the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) program. Within state and agency policies, under the direction of the NFP Public Health Nurse Supervisor, in collaboration with the Parent Child Health Program Manager, the incumbent is responsible for maintaining the highest standards in clinical nursing practice and fidelity to the NFP model, and to policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards of NFP and of the agency. The incumbent utilizes advanced decision-making strategies such as the nursing process, combining judgment, action, responsibility, and accountability.

Additionally, the incumbent develops and nurtures trusting relationships with individuals and organizations in the Black/African American community. Assignments include the review and utilization of community data, published data, and incorporation of community voice to inform and develop strategies to support the wellbeing of mothers and babies. Duties involve extensive interaction with socio-economic and culturally diverse populations of clients, community-based agencies, healthcare personnel, and District staff to provide public health nursing services to clients and communities.
The District offers a comprehensive health benefit plan which includes medical, dental, and life coverage, generous paid time off, and twelve paid holidays per year. Participation in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), a defined benefit retirement plan managed by the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems, is also included.  

This position requires in-person interactions with team members, clients and their families, and medically vulnerable members of the public. Per District policy, public health professionals are required to complete one of the recommended COVID-19 vaccination series (including the 2-week post vaccine waiting period) before delivering in-person visits. As public health professionals, we must protect our clients, our communities, and ourselves from the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19. It is the Districts expectation that all employees who provide in-person services, both internally and externally, have completed their vaccination series to safely offer excellent public services to the community we serve.
Nurse-Family Partnership
  • Provides home visits to pregnant and parenting individuals and their families eligible for the NFP Program  in accordance with the NFP model and guidelines. 
  • Maintains fidelity to the NFP model of home visitation.
  • Supports policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards of NFP and of the District.
  • Promotes public awareness of NFP.
  • Supports program development, assists in grant oversite including reporting and meets grant deliverables as assigned. 
  • Develops and maintains community relationships to support client referrals.
  • Completes all required NFP education.
  • Successfully maintains reliability with the use of the Dyadic Assessment of Naturalistic Caregiver-child Experiences (DANCE) assessment tool.
  • Develops therapeutic relationships, utilizes concepts of reflection and motivational interviewing with the client and their families in a home visiting environment.
  • Assesses physical, emotional, social, and environmental needs of women and their families as they relate to the NFP domains.
  • Assists women and their families in establishing goals and outcomes. 
  • Provides education, support, and referral resources in assisting NFP clients and their families in attaining their targeted goals. 
  • Consults and collaborates with other professionals involved in providing services to NFP clients and families.
  • Actively engages in professional development to meet all NFP Nurse Home Visitor competency requirements.
  • Meets with NFP Nurse Supervisor weekly for clinical supervision.
  • Utilizes reflective practice in supervisory sessions.
  • Schedules joint home visits with NFP Nurse Supervisor every four months.
  • Attends and participates in weekly case conferences and staff meetings.
  • Provides information to support staff for timely and accurate data input to the NFP Efforts and Outcomes (ETO) database.
  • Cooperates in review and analysis of ETO reports for achievements and areas for improvement.
  • Understands, supports, and coaches others in the NFP vision, mission, and model. 
  • Represents the NFP vision, mission, and model in actions and verbally to both internal and external customers and colleagues.
Outreach and Engagement
  • Performs outreach and engagement in a variety of community settings, with specific focus on Black/African American community.
  • Builds trusting relationships with individuals and communities to share resources, provide education and referrals and build partnerships and develop public interest in and support of NFP.
  • Provides perinatal support to families needing services and not eligible for NFP. 
  • Acts as an advocate using knowledge of the community to link individuals to formal and informal community support networks.
  • Reviews, interprets, and develops strategies in response to data trends and findings, peer-reviewed literature, and community feedback; specifically focuses on recent Kitsap County data indicating higher rates of infant mortality among Black/African American babies. 
  • Develops comprehensive outreach plans, to include implementation and evaluation.
  • Establishes and maintains data on outreach and engagement activities.
  • Works with Kitsap Supports Breastfeeding, the Kitsap Breastfeeding Coalition, and other groups to develop strategies to support Black/African American families.
  • Works with local healthcare providers to support culturally competent care and promote equitable access to services, particularly focused on services for reproductive health, services during the prenatal and postpartum periods and pediatric services for babies and young children.
  • Performs systems level activities including responsibility for assisting in identifying gaps, program planning, policy development, and interagency coordination.  
  • Evaluates need for services in relation to specific populations or geographic areas and develops strategies to improve the coordination and delivery of these services.
  • Shares information on client/community experiences and feedback, as appropriate, with other District programs, especially the Communications and Equity Programs.
Other Essential Functions
  • Supports program development and planning for pregnant individuals, children, and families in collaboration with the Parent Child Health Team, other district employees, community partners and families.
  • Performs nursing services in the District's clinic to include immunizations and other associated nursing duties to strengthen capacity and provide cross-coverage, as needed and may include participation in a regular clinical assignment rotation to keep current.
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Documents nursing care using the Omaha System standardized documentation language and the CHAMP electronic health record, Nightingale Notes, within forty-eight (48) hours of the nursing visit.
  • Assists in creating a positive work environment that promotes productivity, mentoring, teamwork, and cooperation.
  • Supports others in accomplishing goals and objectives.
  • Participates in quality improvement efforts.
  • Elicits and considers differing viewpoints when analyzing issues.
  • Recognizes accomplishments of team members.
  • Maintains clear, effective, open, honest communication with both internal and external customers and colleagues.
  • Creates, maintains, and supports a safe environment for open discussion.
  • Seeks and responds appropriately to feedback.
  • Accurately assesses own learning needs and develops strategies to meet them.
  • Stays informed on current health care developments to provide safe, quality nurse home visiting services.
  • Establishes and records progress toward annual goals.
  • Participates in and contributes to ad hoc special activities and assignments.
  • Keeps current on and complies with HIPAA and other privacy regulations and policies, maintaining confidentiality at all times.
  • Prepares daily logs, bills, monthly reimbursement requests and reports as needed.
  • Attends scheduled staff meetings to keep current with procedural changes.
  • Completes timely and accurate random moments to comply with contractual requirements of Medicaid Administrative Match.
  • Accurately completes and submits electronic timecard on a weekly basis as required.
  • Serves as a resource person for staff. Motivates and provides mentorship to staff in providing quality and appropriate quantity of work in assigned area utilizing resources efficiently. Models and promotes team building skills among assigned staff.
  • Demonstrates cultural competency and embeds health equity into all aspects of assigned work and interactions.
  • Works both independently and within a collaborative team-oriented environment; contributes openly, disagrees respectfully, understands the ideas of others, listens well, and works for consensus.
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written are required.
  • Models a Lean Six Sigma organizational culture that promotes the practice of respect for people, openness, trust, safety, transparency, collaborative problem solving, managing with data, in the pursuit of incremental continuous improvement and assurance.
  • Establishes and maintains cooperative, effective working relationships with coworkers, other District employees, and the general public using principles of good customer service.
  • Responds to public health emergencies as required by the District.
  • Reports for scheduled work with regular, reliable, and punctual attendance updating availability in the Trello application per protocol.
  • Performs other duties as assigned. 
  • Work is performed both indoors in an office environment and in the field (conducting home visits, etc.). 
  • Requires the ability to communicate with others orally, face to face and by telephone. 
  • Requires manual and finger dexterity and hand-eye-arm coordination to write and to operate computers and a variety of general office equipment. Requires mobility to accomplish other desktop work, retrieve files, and to move to various District locations. Requires visual acuity to read computer screens, printed materials, and detailed information. Essential duties may involve occasional kneeling, squatting, crouching, stooping, crawling, standing, bending, climbing (to stack, store or retrieve supplies or various office equipment).  
  • May occasionally be required to work a varying schedule which may include evenings and weekends. 
  • Duties require carrying a cell phone or electronic device. 
  • Exposure to individuals from the public who are upset, angry, agitated and sometimes hostile, requiring the use of conflict management and coping skills.  
  • Frequently required to perform work in confidence and under pressure for deadlines, and to maintain professional composure and tact, patience, and courtesy at all times.  
  • The environment is dynamic and constantly changing, resulting in continually re-evaluating and shifting priorities.
  • The incumbent is required to use the combined senses of touch, sight, smell, and hearing during on-going client assessment. Duties require the ability to read typewritten and/or handwritten orders and notes. 
  • Off-site visits require the incumbent to carry supplies and/or equipment up and down stairs as well as into and out of a vehicle on a daily basis.
  • While performing home visits, the incumbent may encounter unsanitary conditions, animals (pets) and clients and/or family members who are smoking, exposing the incumbent to second-hand smoke which may cause allergic reaction and/or illness.
  • The incumbent may be exposed to emotionally disturbing experiences. The incumbent is expected to remain calm, controlled, and professional, regardless of the situation and to demonstrate care and compassion to the client, family members and other members of the health care team.
  • While conducting home visits, the incumbent may be exposed to potentially violent clients and/or family members who are under the effects of alcohol or drugs are mentally unstable or homeless. As a professional obligation, the incumbent is required to report abuse if it is encountered which puts additional stress on the incumbent. At times, the emotional state of family members brings uncertainty in knowing what to expect while at work. As a result, there is legitimate concern about ones own safety as well as being responsible for the lives of patients and their families, risk of assault and unknown and unpredictable situations. Employees of the District are not expected to enter into any situation where their safety may be at risk. 
  • Regularly the incumbent will be required the ability to lift/and or carry objects and materials up to ten pounds (taking infant scale into patient homes during a visit). Occasionally, the incumbent in this position may be required to lift/ carry objects up to twenty-five pounds. 
  • May be required to stay at or return to work during public health incidents and/or emergencies to perform duties specific to this classification or to perform other duties as requested in an assigned response position. This may require working a non-traditional work schedule or working outside normal assigned duties during the incident and/or emergency.   
  • Bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) from a school accredited by the National League of Nursing with coursework that includes a community health component; or
  • Bachelor's degree in a related field, such as public health or health education, and at least four years of public health nursing experience, provided the candidate graduated from a school of nursing accredited by the NLN (diploma, AA or AS).
Possession of a Registered Nursing licensure for the State of Washington is required.

  • Unique or intimate relationship/connection with the Black/African American community.
  • Experience with eliciting feedback and sharing information in ways that show cultural humility, respect, and builds trust.
  • Experience developing and maintaining relationships with diverse communities, including Black, Indigenous, and communities of color; low-income communities; LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities, and other systematically marginalized/oppressed communities. 
  • Certification as a lactation specialist is preferred.
Medical licensure must be maintained in an active status without suspension or revocation throughout employment.   

  • Performance of job duties requires driving on a regular basis, a valid Washington State drivers license, the use of the incumbents personal motor vehicle, and proof of appropriate auto insurance.
All required licenses must be maintained in an active status without suspension or revocation throughout employment.   

If offered employment, a candidate must provide acceptable proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. If requesting an exemption for a medical disability or a sincerely held religious belief, a request for exemption will need to be completed and reviewed prior to completion of the hiring process. Forms will be provided during the hiring process. 

Job Information

  • Job ID: 64651245
  • Location:
    Washington , United States
  • Company Name For Job: Kitsap Public Health District
  • Position Title: Public Health Nurse-Community Outreach
  • Job Function: Public Health Nurse

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